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Nat Kringoudis talks about Winter Colds and Flu

Try as we might to escape it, winter is well and truly here and with it brings, coughs, colds and sniffles that come in all shapes and sizes. Whilst your symptoms may differ, we know there is a single super hero that’s at your ready, to treat all variations of head and chest congestion – Pure Vapour Balm. I know how important it is for you to learn why it runs rings around your conventional vapour rubs and how it won’t mess around your hormones either; that’s what I’m here for. There’s a whole lot to love to keep you and your family happy this winter, all wrapped up in one little black tube – it may be small, but it’s benefits are mighty.

Pure Vapour Balm has 4 magical ingredients – Rosalina (we consider it our hero ingredient), Lemon Myrtle, Eucalyptus and of course Papaya. Rosalina is a beautiful essential oil with a buttery lemon scent. Energetically, Rosalina is a nurturing ingredient. It’s anti-viral, anti-bacterial as well as immune boosting. Naturally, you can see why we call it the super-hero here. We love that it has been traditionally used for upper respiratory illnesses and is extremely gentle making it very safe for children. When Rosalina is combined with Lemon Myrtle these anti-microbial properties are even further boosted as the combination brings about a unique ignition between them. Lemon Myrtle has also been used to treat sore throats and overall has a calming effect. Eucalyptus is equally wonderful and is an amazing decongestant and expectorant as well as a powerful anti-inflammatory ingredient. Eucalyptus is also excellent to help to clear the mind and promote concentration – often something we lack when we feel congested. It’s also useful to treat headaches and fever. Finally, no Pure product would be complete with out our signature, Papaya. Not only is it beautiful and nurturing for the skin, its anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties make it an important ingredient in our Vapour Balm.

Pure Vapour Balm has amazingly high levels of these local Australian sourced essential oils that come from locally grown plants. These plant derived natural oils give you your very own tailor made medicine all free of preservative, petroleum and chemicals.

Many similar products use menthol or camphor which are now under question as to their safety especially for small children. For some people the cold sensation of both menthol and camphor can trick the brain into producing mucus.

For adults this is not a problem, however for babies, mucus building in their smaller airways may be very difficult to clear and therefore these ingredients have been said to be unsafe for infants. There are reports of skin irritation that may occur when using products that contain these ingredients.

Most vapour balms on the market often contain petroleum, chemical fragrance and highly refined mineral oil.

The whole family will benefit from this all natural Vapour balm. It’s also wonderful for air travel and something I personally keep in my handbag as I almost always fall prey to dry airways the second I sit on an aero-plane. I’ve been known to gently place the balm in my nasal passages for instant relief.

Pure Vapour Balm is safe to use from birth, can be placed into a vapouriser and enjoyed by the entire brood. Pure Vapour Balm really does speak for itself.