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Nat Kringoudis talks about Women’s Health, the impact of chemical based beauty products and the importance of using safe products.

Travel – sometimes it’s all for the fun and at other times it’s more about getting the job done. Whatever your reason for being on the move, it can be extremely demanding, especially amplified during winter. If your travel is for pleasure you’re not exempt. Jet lag can strike at anytime. We may take the opportunity to escape the cold and head to higher or warmer ground but with it comes the transition in climate which too can bring about it’s challenges. If you’re travelling for work, you definitely don’t want to be fighting back the sniffles as you present for your 9am meeting or get home and fall in a heap since the world keeps on spinning, constantly demanding you to be your best. So much that can happen when were not in our normal environment, we almost need a travel kit to get us there and nurse us back home again. The trick to smooth travel is having a few trusty go-to’s up your sleeve to get you there in one piece.

Since you’re a smart human being (you’re reading this after all), I’m certain you’ll agree with me when I say that flying is extremely dehydrating. This is because the plane is pressurised at approximately 2000 feet above sea level and the higher we go, the dryer the air. And if that’s not enough to scale up your skin or back up the plumbing, this air is recycled meaning that it’s carrying its extra weight in bugs and germs. Dry air contributes to dry skin, lips and nasal passages as well as other issues especially on long haul flights, like jetlag also due to dehydration, meaning you can feel pretty ordinary whilst up in the air and well into your time back on the ground. As an extra special ‘add on’, the unclean air means you’re at risk of landing with more than your heavy suitcase thanks to the recycled air carrying with it airborne bacteria leaving you more vulnerable to coughs, colds and sniffles that may show up long after you’ve disembarked.

Being susceptible to dryness, dehydration or frequently finding yourself unwell from travel is not only frustrating but sometimes costly. I personally suffer from dry nasal passages and it wasn’t until I discovered this to be a common complaint, I felt a little sigh of relief that I wasn’t fighting the battle solo. We’ve got some handy tips to help take your travel to new heights. (see what I did there?)

+ Skin can become extremely dry, especially our lips when we are dehydrated. The key ingredients in our Papaya Care Ointment work hard to keep your lips and skin well cared for, without nasties such as petroleum jelly which is the main ingredient in many conventional papaya ointments. It goes without saying, you really don’t want to be slathering petroleum creams over your body, especially your lips; it’s immediately absorbed into your blood stream playing havoc with your health, particularly your hormones. Best leave petrol for your car, wouldn’t you agree?

+ Staying hydrated is a must, so drinking plenty of fluids not only whilst in the air but pre and post travel is equally as important. This also means reconsidering your in flight beverage to help support hydration, alcohol and even soft drinks may be a contributor not only to dehydration but weakening your immune system. My tip – add a little sprinkle of quality sea salt to your water pre and post flight to really allow cellular hydration. Electrolytes help to open up the cells to fluids, supporting your post flight recovery.

+ Keep your nasal passages and airways cared for with our Vapour Balm and reap the benefits of eucalyptus and Rosalina, two key ingredients which not only help you to breathe easier as they clear nasal congestion but as a bonus, both pose naturally occurring anti-bacterial properties meaning it’s one small step in warding off any nasties that may be circulating (on repeat!) during your flight. We call that working smarter – not harder!

Being prepared for the impact of travel can make the world of difference. In these instances, a little can go a long way and having the right tools to support you may be the difference between a happy traveller or a disheveled passenger upon arrival. We’ve got your back, in more ways than one and are so keen to help you get to your destination with ease. Whatever your reason for travel, we hope you arrive happy and healthy and ready to tackle anything life throws at you.