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Nat Kringoudis on P’ure’s effects on Inflammed & Dry Skin

Inflammatory conditions like Psoriasis and Eczema can be debilitating and completely frustrating, especially when they rear their head on our precious little ones. But lets face it, whether it’s the big or little kids in your life, Eczema and Psoriasis can be stubborn, cyclic and sometimes really difficult to treat. Pin pointing the trigger at times may be like playing a game of traditional monopoly – long and grueling and unless your winning, downright tedious.

We understand there are two aspects to any skin issues, what is going on internally and how this presents externally. First up, generally all skin issues can be related internally back to gut function. Consider your gut the epicenter of your health. It shapes around 70% of your immune function, it is your emotion center and it shapes your health and wellbeing based on how well it functions. If you can’t assimilate nutrients to nourish your body, symptoms are sure to follow. Further to this, your skin is your largest organ and said to be in direct communication with your gut. It’s been suggested that your gut is theoretically the external (all be it inside you, it’s a tube which opens to the outside world), that your skin and your gut are one and the same. Your microbiome (the constellation of bacteria that live on you and within your gut) as well as the permeability of your gut tends to dictate your state of health. Nappy rash is a wonderful example of this. Often it goes hand in hand with what a child has eaten or a change in diet either out of the ordinary or at the time of introducing a new food and may also worsen with teething. This is a simple demonstration of this connection between the gut and the skin.

Then there is the external.That is, the symptoms that present depending on what is going on within the internal landscape. In this instance we’re specifically talking about Psoriasis and Eczema, but this concept is not limited to these two conditions, but extends to a magnitude of skin problems including dermatitis, acne, rashes, even nappy rash to name some of those commonly seen.

Now we’re not for one minute suggesting that if you have Psoriasis or Eczema that you are unhealthy, but there are (like all of us) unwanted symptoms that present typically depending on the amount of ‘stress’ your body is under. Remember, stress is many things, be it poor gut function, intolerances to food, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, exposure and reactions to toxins via chemicals in our body products, cleaning products even clothing materials, Electro Magnetic Fields (EMF’s) and radiation, state of the emotions to name some of the most common – all factors your poor little gut needs to deal with (since it’s also considered your emotion center too). Looking at these factors can be very useful in treating your symptoms not just topically but also from a root cause level.

P’ure Papaya Care may assist and provide relief for inflammatory conditions associated with Psoriasis and Eczema. The tricky part with both Psoriasis and Eczema is that weather can often be related to it flaring up but this can also tell you a lot about how to best treat it. For Eczema and Psoriasis that flares up in summer but tends to be well in control in winter, it often responds to more cooling treatments and the opposite is so for that which flares in winter, often needing more protection and warming treatments. For the later, barrier type ointments tend to work well to protect the skin from the dryness and elements of winter. For the type that is worse in summer, thinner more breathable ointments tend to help.

That’s why I love P’ure Papaya Care – it is so gentle and effective, it tends to work well for both, due to its kind and nurturing ingredients. Breathable yet protective at the same time. Shea butter is the bee’s knees as it is nourishing and protective yet it doesn’t clog the skin. Jojoba is also another wonderful ingredient which assists in treating inflamed skin, it is calming and readily absorbed which is great for dryness.

My other favorite for inflammatory skin conditions is Calendula. Not only is Calendula soothing, but it helps to calm itchiness. It is not just about the individual properties of ingredients which makes our ointment so useful for skin treatment but the combination of these ingredients. How they interact with each other really boosts their healing properties making P’ure a superior product to treat many skin conditions.

Chemicals and toxins in many other well-known brands may disrupt the skins ability to breathe and rebalance – this is well documented.

Internally if you’re keen to start to treat this aspect of your condition, a quality probiotic as well as nourishing foods that contain collagen to repair a damaged gut is a great start. These foods include soups, stews, broths and roasts. Food is medicine after all.